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AccuDry 2 Press Fabric

The AccuDry is a robust 1+1 multi-axial laminated design optimized for heavy basis weight sheets or double pressure roll machines. It features a patented array of alternating cabled and single monofilament yarns in the cross machine direction of both layers.

Product Benefits:

  • Alternating array of cabled and single monofilament yarns
  • Ensures optimal batt attachment while maintaining the openness
  • Is easy to clean even in the harshest operating conditions
  • Guarantees good flow through the structure by not having a closed pressure layer
Les Amériques For More Information, Contact:

Paul Medlin

Press Product Manager - Tissue E-mailpaul.medlin@astenjohnson.com
Asie For More Information, Contact:

Rob Henderson

Lead Press Product Manager EURASIA - Tissue Business Manager Asia E-mailrob.henderson@astenjohnson.com